Monday, February 27, 2017


Photo © 2017 Jennifer Wagner

Each season has its own offering.  Spring buds.  Summer glows.  Autumn colors.  Winter shrouds.  In winter, we hold contradictions up to the waning light, swirl them round the glass, sip.  Our losses are bettered in this reflection, when we can begin to see what good comes even after the fissured earth cracks again, when what remains softens, fills.

how silent now
this path strewn with jagged stones
a softening of snow

© 2017 Jennifer Wagner


Wendy Bourke said...

A lovely haibun ... gently nuanced ... thoughtful and thought provoking.

janetld said...

Very beautiful work, Jennifer.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Really beautiful work--it is gently nuanced and introspective--really gorgeous writing!

Jody Lee Collins said...

"Shroud", "a softening of snow". The seasons do inspire, especially when it's all this white.
Your words make me smile with delight.

Tank said...

Beautiful writing, such a pleasure to read!

Magyar said...

__ Grand haibun Jenn, and your haiku amplifies this entire feeling; each season/day, I peer through different eyes, to see another path.

yesterday snow
melts into today's warn path
tomorrow waits

Anonymous said...

Another season. Time to take it all in. Beautifully crafted.

grapeling said...

I haven't seen snow in years, living so close to the coast, and not making forays into the hills ~