Monday, November 18, 2013


a love note/poem from my hubby
via refrigerator magnets
photo © 2013 jennifer wagner

a soft tangerine moon
glows there
where i put my hand over your heart,

feel your breath slow and even
chest rising, falling
            rising, falling

and i can’t catch myself, either—
from drifting off
into the green poem
of us

where you
lift me up to the branches
to catch my footing,

where the
light shines through
its trembling leaves.

i hold them tight,
let the sun play in angled drops
on my face, close my eyes to
feel the favor
of your smile,

and then open them again
to focus
on eden appearing,
in the closing
of the blue distance.

© 2013 Jennifer Wagner

dVerse OpenLinkNight 


  1. being a soppy old romantic I loved this... :)

  2. the green poem of us...smiles..still growing...i love the extended metaphor in this...the lifting up to get the footing....the ref to eden...beautiful love poem....smiles.

  3. These lines are transcendental! I feel as if I am being lifted as a candy fluff into realms where everything to sweet and wonderful. Only the Fairies are missing. Beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful note from your husband...Your poem is beautiful also...Such peace and love...I needed this tonight.

  5. A beautiful ode - lyrical - reminiscent of a number of French impressionists paintings that I love.

  6. Such a beautiful love poem - just the right amount of tenderness and sweetness.

  7. A tender poem full of emotions...liked the magnet thoughtful..

  8. What beautiful imagery, here, Jennifer. I really enjoyed the idea of Eden (and all of its symbolism) appearing!

  9. Ahhh...very lovely...beautiful love poem and so gorgeous your message was, so heartwarming to see and read this poem. :)

  10. how cool is that... and love the can't catching yourself from drifting into the green poem of us...and what a place to fall it

  11. So beautiful and aesthetic that it ruses a deep embedded feeling inside me..tangerine moon, green poem, blue distance, angled sun..well beyond what anyone can imagine.. :)

  12. Sigh. Beautiful. sentiments & words.

  13. tangerine moon, feel the favor in your smile..smiles. My favorite lines in this.
    Sweet love note. I had just recently seen a short film about those magnets.. I like the idea.


  14. So many lovely images of love.. I really like how you used colors to express the feelings... glorious...

  15. That's really sweet and heartfelt. I like it.

  16. You made me smile ....a sweet poem!

  17. What a beautiful, romantic love poem - and the firdge magnet not is pretty special too ... smiles

  18. What a sweet and well penned poem and your close is just beautiful.

  19. Very beautiful! pleasant feeling reading it!


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