Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The Orchid

I walked alone
On a dark stretch of imperfection
The road was pointless
Stumbling marked my hesitation
I found courage, tried to run
But darkness cloaked the air
And twisted vines mocked my despair
Dropping to my knees                                 
I wished for strength to fight the night
And clear the wood, to reach the light

The prayer I spoke
Was little more than just a breath
But there it was,
An answer on my quest

It stood alone, the orchid,
Fragile beauty wrapped in might
And seemed to glow from inner light

I gasped and smiled
As through the darkened mist it shone
Its unique purpose before unknown

The bloom was there, placed perfectly,
And because of this bloom
I remembered me

Its beauty, both intricate and fair,
Reminded me of what I usually fail to see
That we are magnificently created things

I continued on that day
To purpose which had seemed so far away
But the path was not as gray
The orchid lit my way

 Copyright 2006 Jennifer Wagner

Bullying is a newsworthy subject these days.  We’ve all seen it; some of us have even participated in it.  My son recently began to be the recipient of some ugly bullying behavior at school.  Undeniably, it is one of the most heart-breaking things to watch your kid go through.  To have that once-tiny, bundle-of-cute you would die for come home sobbing after you have sent him out into the world of his peers is well, hell.  Or something like it.  Differences aren’t often tolerated, and the messages that life can serve (you’re too fat, not smart, not athletic, not good at anything, or just plain not good enough) warp us until we believe them.  But they are not correct.  We are valuable.  We have purpose.  I had written this poem a few years ago when I was wrestling with my own thoughts on this issue, and it came to mind as I have been traversing some rough waters with my son.  Have you ever taken a good long look at an orchid?  It’s a masterpiece of artistry isn’t it?  But it doesn’t look like a daisy and it doesn’t smell like a rose and it doesn’t grow like a sunflower.  It is different.  It is its own unique work of art.  And so is he.  And so are you.

<a href="" title="White and red orchid">White and red orchid</a> on <a href="" title="Public Domain Images">Public Domain Images</a>


Tank said...

Wonderful post my Shulamite...

Anonymous said...

a great poem and a noble message therein;true feelings indeed;

Poet Laundry said...

Much appreciated wordwand!

Mary said...

Sometimes something along our 'path' in life can be a great sign. An orchid definitely is beautiful and intricate; and each one is different. As is each person. Each to be appreciated just as it is.

(Visiting from Poets United Poetry Pantry.)

Anonymous said...

It is interesting the things that can help us access strength enough to keep moving forward.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I so love this poem and its wonderful message.....the orchid glowing from inner light.......the reminder of our own wonder.....your two closing lines are perfection. Love your notes afterward too, and hope the bullying of your son comes to a stop.

Kodjo Deynoo said...

The beautiful orchid lit your way in this writing too

Jennifer Wagner said...

Agreed, Mary! Thank you for commenting!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Indeed--thank you for visiting my blog Danny!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Thanks Sherry--I truly appreciate your compliments on my post! And thank you for the well-wishes for my son; we have, I believe, gotten to the bottom of things. It's nice to see him smiling again when he comes home from school!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Kodjo, I appreciate your comment, thank you for visiting!

Laura said...

your poem is exquisite and your message is so clear...every being is lit from within, beautiful, valuable, fragile and strong, unique. I hope things shift soon for your son and that all of your support will help him to see his own light, feel his strength and love his specialness.

Jennifer Wagner said...

I am so glad you like it Laura; very nice of you to comment. Things are shifting for my son, you are echoing my hope for him, thank you!

the wild magnolia said...

a splendid poem of encouragement and reminder of our individual ability to regroup, and go at it again.

very nice.

Jennifer Wagner said...

I appreciate your comment wild magnolia, kind words, thank you!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Yes, I love orchids, and have written of them myself. And I have a son who was bullied at school. ('Don't interfere,' he begged me. I did, and it stopped.) He is a fine man now.

I can certainly relate to this poem!

Jennifer Wagner said...

They are beautiful aren't they? I'm glad things worked out well for your son. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your thoughts Rosemary!