Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hope is a bright white page
filled with invisible ink

by secret spy.

Your eyes widening,
your pulse quickening,
your heart literally skipping
          off the page—

as each letter, revealed,
is a dream

an unfolding message,
you can’t believe is
for you.

© 2017 Jennifer Wagner

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Enter Through the Window

Open Books:  A Poem Emporium
Seattle, WA
Photo © 2017 Jennifer Wagner

(About Poems)

Enter through the window,
not the door,
if you’re a poem.

Doors are so conspicuous.
You must be creative—

make me wonder
how you got here—

layered in metaphor,
side-smiled with simile

—surprise me,
even when just spoken plainly
from your heart.

As no doubt, even cerebral,
you are

© 2017 Jennifer Wagner

Also, I’m delighted to have three poems in Lakdi Ka Pul – II, The Poetry Bridge, An International Anthology by Twin City Poetry Club.